Arm Wrestling Betting

Many assume that Arm Wrestling was invented by one Bill Soberanes, a journalist from California.  Bill may have organised the first formal Arm Wrestling competition, but the advent of the sport presumably dates back all the way to 2000 BC, if Ancient Egyptian drawings are anything to go by.  Bill did however, set the wheels in motion to establish Arm Wrestling as an official sport.

Following its humble beginnings in a Saloon in California in 1952, it went from strength to strength during the next decade.  In fact, by 1962 the official gathering had gotten so big that it was dubbed the World Wrist Wrestling Championship.  In 1979, the very first official World Arm Wrestling Championship was hosted in Canada, with representatives from four countries.

The Secret Beyond Brute Strength

Many techniques have been developed in a bid to side step the opinion that the stronger man will walk away the winner.  The Hook is a popular technique.  The wrestler’s wrist is curled all the way to one side, so that the knuckles are pointing to the left.  The elbow is then dragged backwards, whilst the arm is pulled towards the wrestler’s body.  This is an old favourite amongst Arm Wrestlers, especially so for those with strong bicep muscles.

Another technique often employed is the widely feared Toproll – notorious for being no respecter of brute strength.  The wrist is pulled backwards, so that the wrestler’s knuckles are facing the ceiling.  The wrist is then curled anti-clockwise, whilst pushing downwards.  This serves to open the hand of the opponent, thus weakening their grip and overall strength.

There exists multiple other techniques.  Wrestlers will often swear by a certain one, merely tweaking the technique here and there in order to make up for the element of surprise.

May The Force Be Where The Money Is

As is the case with all online mobile betting, there are many factors to take into account before deciding where to place your bet.  Arm Wrestling is said to be no respecter of strength, or of men.  Regardless of whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a pen pushing braniac, at the end of the day beating the man (or woman) across from you is the only thing that matters.

Competitors are divided into a specific weight class, to even out the scoreboard and add a bit of fairness to the sport.  Apart from that all bets are, as they say, off (or on, in this case).

Key Factors Associated With Winners

Despite the weight classification, regular winners tend to be of a large build.  Also, they always have a game plan.  Another golden rule is to stick with those wrestlers who have perfected the grip.  By following a couple of the bigger matches, one soon gets an idea of who the key players are in Arm Wrestling.  The bottom line is: winners win.  A wrestler with a solid track record is a much safer bet than a newcomer or someone who has been away from the game for a while.

This rule does not only apply to participants, but also to bookmakers.  Choosing a reputable bookmaker is vital.  Once this is in the bag, sports betting need not be a confusing affair.