Comparing Slots and Lottery Odds at a Quick Glance

If we had to quickly look at slots winnings vs. lottery winnings, it is safe to say that you are more likely to win some money playing slots instead of winning in the lottery. People that play minimum amounts on the lottery very seldom get any return on their money. Week after they fantasise about the millions that they will win when in fact you are lucky when you make your money back and even luckier if you show a bit of profit.

When playing the minimum on slots your chances of winning are higher. The jackpot on a low bid slot machine is considerably lower than that of a machine like the mega millions. Their payout however – as little as what it may be – happens more frequently than on the larger machines. Playing such a low bid machine is almost certain to make your money back in an hour and chances of showing profit is much higher than winning at the lotto.

Comparing Data of Odds in Slots and Lotto

The national lottery for any country is very well documented and everything is transparent and above board. As such figures of players vs. winners are readily available online for anyone to look at. Considering that we are talking about odds, we can view the highest, lowest and mid level odds of the lotto. In Italy, the odds of winning the lotto are 1 in 623 million. In the UK it is 1 in 14 million and in Spain it is 1 in 100 000.

As you can see, depending on the amount of people that play the lotto, depends on your odds of winning.

The odds of winning at slots are not as readily available but research has shown that the Megabucks slot in Vegas, offers a player odds of 1 in 16.7million. Held up to the Spanish lotto this seems unreachable. But the Megabucks is truly a slot machine that pays out mega bucks and should therefore really be held against the lottery of Spain. Making the odds suddenly seem far better.

Odds in Slots and Lotto Revealed

It would seem that in the end, playing slots offer a far bigger chance of winning than playing the national lottery. However this should not deter anyone from buying their lotto ticket, if it is something that you enjoy doing. It also important to remember, that slot machine jackpots get to be that big because payouts do not constantly happen. The jackpot has to be given time to grow to that amount and can only do that when people are constantly putting their money into the machines.

Slots machines – when playing at a venue and not online – does however offer a social experience and players have experienced a sense camaraderie. The other important fact to mention about slot machines – whether in a casino or online – is that they are visually far more entertaining and appealing than waiting for the results of your national lottery in the daily paper.