How to Play What on Earth Online Slot Game

What on Earth is a high quality online video slot game produced by Microgaming. The game has a science fiction theme and is all about Aliens and their quest to take over the earth. With a more humours approach to this theme, Microgaming have come up with a colourful and funny slot game that is a pleasure to play. In this game, the graphics and sound effects are top-quality and certainly help to set the mood. The backdrop to this humorous game is a panoramic view of space with an endless array of stars twinkling about. The sound effects are classic science fiction sounds that bring to mind the old school space movies.

5-Reel Alien Space Slot

The slot machine in What on Earth breaks from the norm with 5-reels and just 9 paylines to create winning combinations. The game itself has a lot going for it, and features wild symbols, multiple scatter symbols, 3 bonus rounds and a jackpot of 7500 coins on a standard bet. On the reels at top 10 online casinos Canada, players will find a host of colourful alien and earthling characters as well as fruit themed planetary objects. Some of the highest paying symbols include an alien peeping out of a porthole, a spaceship control panel, a green asteroid, planet resembling a watermelon, a planet resembling a grape, a sun that resembles an orange and a cherry that is on fire.

Wild Substitutes

The wild symbol in What on Earth is played by the game logo. In most Microgaming slot games, the wild symbol can substitute for all the other standard symbols. In this game, the wild symbol can only substitute for the alien symbol and the spaceship control panel symbol. The wild symbol in this game is also the highest paying symbol of the game. Finding all 5 wild symbols across the reels will trigger the game’s jackpot prize of 7500 coins on a standard bet.

Multiple Scatter Symbols

In the What on Earth online slot game, there are three symbols that all act as scatter symbols. The three symbols are the rocket ship, the flying saucer and the space shuttle. All of the scatter symbols pay out in any positon on the reels. The scatter symbols are also the key symbols to triggering the beam-em-up multiple bonus round. To trigger the bonus round, players must land any three scatter symbols simultaneously anywhere on the reels. Once the bonus round is triggered players can choose from 3 separate bonus games.

Beam-Em-Up Bonus Games

The three bonus rounds in What on Earth are the Beam-em-up Bonus, the Beam-em-up contest and the Destination Bonus. In the first bonus game, players must try to beam up an earthling into their alien ship. Depending on which earthling is beamed up pays out multipliers up to 200x. In the second bonus game, players must try to beam up the most earthlings before the timer runs out. In the third bonus game, players travel to more populated areas on earth and must beam up earthlings to win multipliers. In the third game, special earthlings can be found where playing can win up to 400x their bet.