Describing about Jewels and Gems Themed Online Slots

There are some online slot themes that are more common than others and jewels and gems themed online slots are among those that are. They are as iconic as the traditional fruit, bars and sevens symbols but they are not limited to classic or partly classic styled online slot games.

Practically all of the software developers within the industry have created jewels and gems themed online slots. Their popularity is largely due to the opulence and wealth that they represent but also because they give developers a wide spectra on which revolve the jewel and gem themes around.

This theme has been used in simple classic online slots, modern five reel video slots, 3D slots and progressive slot games. There is no limit to what can be achieved with this theme and all of the slots that have been created offer practically all types of bonus and game play features.

Players will find online slots with the jewel and gem theme available on all types of platforms. The slot games are created to be downloaded or played instantly with the no download option and many have been converted into being compatible with various mobile device operating systems. Practically all of the slot games with this theme are also available in demo mode which means they can be played for free where no real money is required to bet but no real money is won.

Popular Features Common to These Slots

Jewels and gems themed online slots come in a variety of different types. They are however typically simple in nature but many developers have created popular titles with features that are unique or offer additional winning opportunities.

Rolling reels is a common feature among jewels and gems themed online slots. This feature sees any winning combination explode or disappear while the symbols above fall down into position. This then gives additional winning opportunities as any consecutive winning combinations continue this feature.

Like real money slots NZ, these themed online pokies offer a variety of bonus features when it comes to the more involved five reel video slots. Certain stones may represent the special symbols such as the wilds, scatters and bonus symbols. These assist in offering further winning opportunities as well as trigger certain bonus games.

The bonus games vary from standard free spin rounds and pick em bonus features to the more interactive types of bonus games where players must take part in some sort of feature.

Gems n Jewels Slot Online

Look and Feel of Jewels and Gems

Jewels and gems themed online slots aim at showcasing the opulence of these rare stones. Anything from diamonds, rubies and sapphires to amethysts, crystals and topaz are showcased as shiny symbols that glint. Animations may be used by various developers for the more visually involved slot games.  

Most jewels and gems themed online slots are simply based on the stones but some incorporate them into themes of exotic places, treasures and wealth. Classic slots using jewels and gems as a theme will typically have them as the higher valued symbols without many, if any, bonus features. These slots will focus mainly on spinning winning combinations and offering high pay outs.