Learn How To Gamble With The World’s Most Popular Currency

With the recent hype revolving around the world’s first crypto currency a lot of people know as Bit Coin, ever since it made an introduction in the year 2011, due to the fact that it was never associated with any banks whatsoever, it was considered to be somewhat of an illegal currency. As the value of this currency rose over time, the vendors of all sorts slowly started being more accepting towards it, which resulted with a large number of vendors and service providers accepting this currency just as they would regular money. Even a lot of casinos have been known to accept this currency, and there are a few that pay out the prizes earned via Bitcoin.

You need a specific kind of a digital wallet for that

In order for you to be able to start using this currency is your primary funds, you first need to know how to obtain them and what to do with them once you have them. In order to be able to successfully and safely store all of the currency you have managed to get, you would have to use a Bitcoin wallet, which is something like Skrill or PayPal would be for your regular currencies such as EUR, GBP, USD and more. There are a few ways you can obtain the Bitcoins, the first and foremost coming from the ‘mining pool’, where you would use your computer’s capacity to solve complex mathematical problems and in turn ‘mine’ for the coins.

Buy or sell your coins

Other ways for you to get your hands on this currency would be to trade. Trading them would be essential in order for you to get the value converted to what the Bitcoins you have are currently worth, as you won’t be able to spend them quite as flexibly as it could any of the other currencies. It is true that some vendors and online stores will allow you the option to use the Bitcoins when making a purchase, but to get the most out of it you would have to sell them and get what they are valued in a currency that is more suitable for you. There are plenty of websites that help sellers and buyers find each other, but you do need to be careful especially if you are buying them from someone looking to play online blackjack in Canada.

You can try doing simple tasks

Another way to earn this kind of a currency would be to perform the so-called ‘mechanical Turk’ tasks for various websites and crowd sourcing establishments, and earn the Bitcoins as a reward for completing any of the given tasks. Usually, these tasks might involve viewing advertisements for a set amount of time, visiting other websites and staying there for a limited amount of time, completing short questionnaires, watching videos, playing games and even purchasing or using some kind of a service to get compensated via the currency in return. It would be troublesome to reach out to this way being the most reliable one, especially seeing how there is no such thing as a free bit coin. However, instead of being paid in full BTC per tasks, for every task to accomplish you will only be getting a fraction of the total coin, something like 0.00001, and as you can see, it would really take a large amount of time to get to a full coin.