Play Safe Mobile Online Boule Games

Boule is a game most famously known as being similar to roulette, but different. In fact most players tend to refer to it as the other version of roulette that has twice the chance of winning, but is less generous.  So how is boule similar to roulette, and what are the major differences that set it apart? For starters it is clear to see that a boule wheel has pockets marked from one to nine, and one to nine again, as apposed to a roulette wheel that goes consecutively up to thirty six.

A roulette wheel will also have a zero pocket if it is the European version, and two zero pockets if being the American version. A boule wheel has no zero pockets. The two five pockets in boule, however, act very much the same as the zero pocket in roulette. Although not as mainstream or popular as roulette, boule is available in many casinos, and recently a mobile online boule version has also become available. Note that the mobile online boule version follows all the same rules as the real world version. Let’s have a closer look at some of these rules now.

Double The Chances

Since mobile online boule has two of each number, it means that a person betting on a lucky number has the twice the chances of winning. This makes the game very appealing to some, as it seems to be offering double the chances of roulette. Keep in mind, however, that games such as boule and roulette are very much about the house edge, or the statistical chance by which the house always wins.

It should be noted that, like roulette, the two five pockets are not included in any of the combination bets. This means that if either of the two five pockets are landed the chances are very high that no players will win. Why? Because in order to do well at boule a player must use the combination betting system, which increases the chances of winning. If a player has bet on any combination options, a five will mean they are guaranteed to win nothing. This is a very important factor to keep in min when playing mobile online boule.

Boule Betting Strategies

Smart player of mobile online boule will use Rival online casinos strategies to increase their chances of staying ahead. It is, after all, very tempting to bet only on a lucky number, but is also very risky. It is better instead to bet on a lucky number, plus a combination bet.

This simple strategy will help maximise wins while minimising losses. Keep in mind that free mobile online boule is offered at many digital casinos, which will allow players to practice betting strategies before committing any real money. It is highly recommended to do so if a player is serious about getting better at the game.

Also keep in mind that many strategy guides are available for free online, which offer highly valuable information that is often considered to be essential. Look into these guides and watch as your wins soar and losses plummet.