Play The Colorful Flowers Online Slots

This Flowers slot game looks at first like it’s only missing a few zombies to be mistaken as a certain popular mobile game but when players get to know the symbols and reels involved they will realise that this is a different approach to a similar idea and the flora found on screen take on a unique life of their own.

Overall this slot setup from NetEnt at online casino Australia is fairly simple and makes for some fun and light spinning. Players will note that the majority of the thematic work comes in the form of the various Flowers characters to be found on the reels.

Once players do find the different and person-like flora of this game they will likely have noticed that the reels comprise of 5 columns by 3 rows and the symbols of said Flowers can be lined up across any of the available 30 pay lines involved. These pay lines are adjustable and can be done so through buttons neatly located below the reels and alongside the other betting options that most NetEnt slots involve in the setup, like autoplay and coin value. Again, like many slots from this developer this game also has some form of bonus feature available and in this particular game this includes a Wild and a rather unique bonus free spins feature.

A Whole Garden of Flowers on Screen

The theme of these colourful and friendly looking Flowers offers quite a light-hearted slot experience, not necessarily caught up with animations or overly intense graphics the result produced is a pleasant and relaxing one. NetEnt have also included a couple of details to the game that just give the theme a little push and make the end result that much more believable. The simple wooden border and gentle sound effects collection add a little something, as does the simple blue and white backdrop to the reels, highlighting the central role of the symbols thereupon.

As mentioned before, the symbols on the reels are what make a slot theme and with this Flowers slot they certainly play a central role in the theme experience as well as the gameplay of course. With the simple backdrop players will find the different flora characters to be quite captivating and include the likes of roses, sunflowers and tulips plus a few more. There are also the playing card symbols done up in various block colours. Overall it is the theme of this Flowers slot game that will be the big selling point for the players of this game as it offers a deliberately light atmosphere to spin along to.

Flowery Bonuses like Wilds and Free Spins

Most modern online slot games include some forms of bonus feature and with this Flowers slot from NetEnt the result is no different. Players will find a Wild symbol that can appear stacked during the free spins feature, making for quite a lucrative find on screen. The free spins are triggered through the cloud symbol and can reward players with between 10 and 30 free spins which come along with a 3 times multiplier. Altogether this makes for a capable offering for a slot game.