A Brief Look Back at Queen of the Nile 2 Online Slot

Queen of the Nile is a legendary slot game, known in almost every real world casino in the world, at least to some degree. Many argue that the game defined a generation of slot games, and laid the foundations for many of the games that came after it. Using what was then a revolutionary system, gamblers went to the casino with the simple desire to play only this game.

The original Queen of the Nile was, of course, followed up by Queen of the Nile 2, which was also quickly played by many of the fans of the original. The two games together, created by Aristocrat Studios, stand as fond classics in the books of many old type gamblers.

Time progressed, and many hundreds of slot games have since been released, many using the formulas pioneered in the Queen of the Nile games. Traditional gamblers have, however, not unanimously agreed on a modern game that matches the cult status of the Queen of the Nile games.

Interestingly, however, many great slot games have come about, but with such an enormous selection to choose from, it is simply a difficult prospect for just one game to gather a loyal following. In that regard, here are some suggestions that may help find great online alternatives to Aristocrat’s Queen of the Nile 2.

Twenty Five Play Lines

When the first Queen of the Nile came out, the fact that it used twenty play lines was a highly unique idea. Players were able to open up play lines by feeding physical coins into the machine, with each coin increasing the chances of matching sequences being created in the play area. It was a simple more coins equals more chances at winning concept, and the simplicity of it delighted players of the time.

When Queen of the Nile 2 came out the number of play lines was increased to twenty five, and again players rushed to try out the new system. Of course, most online slots Australia offers today have twenty five play lines as a standard feature, and may allow up to as many as forty play lines, or even over one thousand.

Some may say, however, that a thousand play lines is a bit ridiculous, since it is near impossible for the player to keep track o where wins may occur, and they ay be right.

But between twenty five and a thousand play lines is a great many degrees to choose from. The key for a gambler to find great online alternatives to Aristocrat’s Queen of the Nile 2 then, may be finding a number of play lines that is best by personal preference.

Range Of Themes

Another aspect to consider when trying to find great online alternatives to Aristocrat’s Queen of the Nile 2 is the theme. The beautiful Egyptian theme was appealing to a great many players, helping to create an ambience of mystery and adventure.

Today, of course, there are more themes then a person can shake a stick at. From movies to television series and famous musicians, almost everything has a slot game version. In the end, a gambler who wants to find great online alternatives to Aristocrat’s Queen of the Nile 2 simply has to look around and select from the thousands of options.