Transformers – Battle for Cybertron Video Slot

Transformers – Battle for Cybertron is not based on the blockbuster Transformers films – starring Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf.

Instead, Interactive Gaming Technology took most of its inspiration for Transformers – Battle for Cybertron from Transformers: War for Cybertron, a third-person shooter video game. The game is set on the fictional planet of Cybertron, before the Transformers have arrived on earth. The Autobots and Decepticons are in the middle of the civil war as Megatron attempts to return the planet to an imagined former golden age.

It is within this context that Transformers – Battle for Cybertron plays out. This is a five-reel, 40-payline slot with an additional 20-line feature, which takes total number of paylines up to 60.

A Slot for Experienced Players

There are two reasons why novice players may want to leave Transformers – Battle for Cybertron to more experienced spinners.

Firstly, Transformers – Battle for Cybertron is a rather detailed slot with numerous special symbols and bonus elements. Whilst these extras do make the game a lot more entertaining and potentially more lucrative, they tend to confuse and overwhelm inexperienced gamblers.

Secondly, the betting limits for Transformers – Battle for Cybertron tend toward the higher end of the stakes spectrum. Players are obliged to wager on all 40 paylines plus the 20-line feature – the paylines are not adjustable.

However, the coin size in Transformers – Battle for Cybertron is relatively small – between 0.01 and 3.00 credits. This keeps the minimum wager to 0.60 credits.

FreeFall Symbols Give Way for Additional Wins

Besides online bingo, Transformers – Battle for Cybertron includes a fairly popular IGT feature known by various names, including cascading reels, collapsing reels, and falling symbols. In Transformers – Battle for Cybertron, it’s called the FreeFall feature.

Instead of spinning, the symbols in Transformers – Battle for Cybertron fall into place one after the other. When winning combinations are landed, the winning symbols disappear and new ones fall into their places. This continues indefinitely as long as winning combinations keep appearing.

The Transformers – Battle for Cybertron Wild Symbol

The Transformers – Battle for Cybertron wild symbol appears as a cube. Like most wilds, the Transformers – Battle for Cybertron wild can replace any symbol, except the bonus symbols, to help complete winning combinations.

Mystery Bonus Mini Features

The Transformers – Battle for Cybertron slot has five different Mystery Bonuses that can be triggered at any random point in the game. Each mystery bonus features a different Transformers character, who destroys symbols to increase the odds of wins:

  • Grimlock: A random combination of symbols is burnt away by a laser beam. New symbols then take their place, upping the potential for wins – especially since wilds and bonus symbols are not burnt away.
  • Shockwave: Shockwave flies over the reels and randomly annihilates symbols, which are also replaced with new ones. Once again, bonus and wild symbols are safe.
  • Optimus Prime: All Decepticon symbols are destroyed.
  • Megatron: All Autobot icons are destroyed.
  • Ratchet: This can only be triggered when two bonus symbols are on the reels. A third bonus symbol is created, activating a free spins round.

Transformers – Battle for Cybertron Bonus Rounds

In Transformers – Battle for Cybertron bonus symbol is the planet Cybertron and it triggers bonus rounds, when three or more appear. Players must then choose between four Transformers, each of which comes with a different hidden multiplier and number of free spins.

  • Optimus Prime: Eight free spins with x4 – x10 multiplier.
  • Megatron: Five free spins 8x – 10x multiplier.
  • Shockwave: 12 free spins with 3x – 5x multiplier.
  • Bumblebee: 15 free spins with 2x – 4x multiplier.