Video Slots

Video Slots History

Australian slots may have only been around a relatively short time when compared to games like Roulette, which have been played for centuries, but they have a rich history too. Conventional slots machines date back to the mid 1890’s, when the Liberty Bell first made waves with players in San Francisco and across America, but it was only in 1975 that the very first video slots game hit the casino floor.

The very first video slots game was created by a man by the name of Walt Fraley and his game was called Fortune Coin. It is interesting to note that players didn’t immediately take to the game, as they were sceptical as to whether or not it was fair, and they could actually win when playing it. It was only in the 1980’s, after video poker started to become incredibly popular, that players started to trust that video slots were also going to reward them handsomely.

IGT Opens the Floodgates

If it wasn’t for IGT (International Game Technology) video slots may never have caught on. In 1975 IGT was founded by William ‘Si’ Redd, and in 1978 they purchased Fortune Coin Company and introduced the first video slot machine of their own in the same year.

IGT made a few adjustments to the original video slots game and started releasing their games in large volumes to casinos throughout Las Vegas and eventually across the globe. Video slots grew in popularity and IGT became the second largest manufacturer in the gaming industry.

Redd says that he knew the games would catch on as players couldn’t cheat them and the games allowed for so many more features, making them all the more appealing. The fact that the games also didn’t seem to pose many service problems also made them very attractive for IGT.

Video Slots Go Online

By mid 1994 the first ever online casino had opened and players, who were able, were enjoying casino games online. Video slots started appearing a bit later on, ad today they are the worlds most popular casino games, with hundred of variants available on the web.

Over the years online gaming software improved dramatically and video slots became even bigger, better and bolder. These games all boasted special features, bonus symbols ad immersive storylines and offered so much more than the classic reel games. Microgaming was instrumental in leading the online video slots trend, with Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck both offering ground breaking entertainment, special effects ad special features. These slots were said to be ahead of their time and are still popular with players across the globe. Other top online video slots titles released by Microgaming and other leading software developers include The Dark Knight, Ladies Nite, Playboy, The Avengers, The Hulk, Gonzo’s Quest and The Terminator.

Major steps forward have been taken in video slots technology too, with 3D games available at many online casinos. With the advent of mobile casinos, video slots have also been optimised for play on smartphone and tablet, ensuring that absolutely anyone is able to enjoy them, anywhere, anytime.