Ways to Pick the Best Lottery Numbers

The lottery is a game based on chance where there are extremely low odds of picking the best lottery numbers that win the big jackpot prize. This however doesn’t make it impossible and many frequent players have created their own or followed proven methods to pick the best lottery numbers and many have won a prize in some sort of winning division. Each lottery game has its own odds and there are ways to determine what numbers can be chosen to narrow those odds.

Different Ways to Pick Lottery Numbers

Lottery players use many ways in order to pick the best lottery numbers. Some are picked purely randomly and some use the quick pick option where the numbers are chosen for them by a number generator. Others use special numbers like those deemed lucky or those that represent special dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

One way in which lottery players use to pick the best lottery numbers is by always picking the most frequently drawn numbers. Some numbers have been drawn many more times than others and with the draw being completely random it is believed the odds of these numbers being drawn are greater than others. A different approach is to pick the overdue numbers. There are those that will have not been drawn in a while and human intuition will believe that those specific numbers are due to be drawn.

There are lottery players that pick their numbers by assessing, which are the best performing, numbers. They will play those that have won the most times throughout the lottery history. There are also those who choose numbers that have won previously even from the previous draw. There have been lottery players who use the same set of numbers over and over with the hope that at some point the numbers will be drawn, this and many other methods have resulted in winners but it is still the case of it being luck of the draw versus a proven method of picking winning lottery numbers.

Using Lottery Systems, Predictive Software and Maths

There are many books and websites available with comprehensive advice on how to pick the best lottery numbers. The advice given involves using mathematical systems like wheeling and the delta system. There is also plenty of predictive software available on the internet. The software claims to help choose the best lottery numbers by using various systems that are believed to have been tried and proven. There is however no method of picking numbers for any lottery that is a guarantee.

The Lottery Numbers to Avoid

There is a theory that states it is more important to focus on the lottery numbers which to avoid as opposed to the ones to pick. This theory includes not picking more than two consecutive numbers or multiples of any specific number as these are rarely if ever drawn. Using birthdates is not suggested as this will never have a number above thirty one in the selection, it is also a very common form of picking lottery numbers which could result in more winners sharing the jackpot prize.