A Guide to Playing Gemstone Jackpot Slot Online

Whether its diamonds, emeralds, rubies, or sapphires, the gemstone has always been an item of great value both in ancient and modern times. It is not hard to see why, as the stones are rare, beautiful, and come with their own unique range of colours.

It is understandable then that there are a number of different online slot games that feature gemstones as the main theme, and Gemstone Jackpot is one such slot. Set against a dark, blue background, Gemstone Jackpot has all of its symbols as the most popular gemstones around.

The symbols are colourful and vibrant, and they each have a different appearance and value in the game.

The game itself is a 5 reel, 10 payline slot that is powered by Novomatic. The paylines are fixed, and all bets are calculated per line. The game is available through a range of online casino websites, and can be player for free.

For those that wish to play the game for real money, the same websites provide the option. Gemstone Jackpot does include some bonus content, but there is no progressive jackpot available, and some of the features available are unique to the game.

Playing Gemstone Jackpot

The symbols in Gemstone Jackpot are the main theme, and what are most noticeable once the game has loaded up. Each symbol has a set value, and these are the values that are used when calculating any winnings.

For more detailed information about the symbols, the combinations they can create, as well as the general rules of the game, players can find and view the paytable. Alongside the standard symbols, Gemstone Jackpot also comes with a special scatter that is used to activate the bonus content. A wild is not present in the game.

Gameplay is simple and similar to most other online slots real money Canada games. Players are able to choose the amount they would like to bet per line, with the higher the amount bet, the more that is earned when the player has a successful spin.

Successful combinations generally include landing at least 3 of the same symbols in a row, and this is where the value of the symbols comes into play.

Additionally, the more symbols landed with a higher value equates to higher amounts that can be won. An autoplay function is included along with the normal spin button. The autospin allows the player to choose a preset amount of spins that the game will play automatically without the player having to use the spin button for every round.

Gemstone Jackpot Bonus Features

The lock and spin feature is the main bonus of Gemstone Jackpot, and this is the feature that adds a certain uniqueness to the game. Once a winning combination has landed, all symbols within the combination are automatically locked in place.

New symbols then begin to appear across the reels, and replace the other symbols that have not been locked. This can allow more combinations to be completed, or even extend the chain of winning combinations that have already been locked in place.

The lock and spin feature can be triggered multiple times up until all the symbols become locked.

Gemstone Jackpot Verdict

Gemstone Jackpot will appeal to players who love both precious gems and online slots that come with unique features.

This, however, may not be the right slot for those looking for complex slot machines.