Review of Golden Ark Online Slots Casino Game for Players

Golden Ark is a game themed around ancient Egypt, and it could immediately get lost in the sea of other slots that use the same theme. Ancient Egypt is a popular setting for online slot games, so it takes some unique features or quality game play to set it apart. Where Golden Ark may stand out against its competition is that it offers classic Novomatic gameplay, which makes the game perfect for players that wish to play something with the aesthetics of ancient Egypt, but without the complex gameplay of other slots. As with other Novomatic games, Golden Ark does not include much bonus content, and the core gameplay is what is most prominently featured.

Golden Ark has a set 5 reels and 10 paylines, and its more modern introduction means it is more aesthetically pleasing than many other games of the same genre. The plot of the game involves an archaeologist taking the player on a treasure hunt, finding valuables from ancient Egypt. Golden Ark can be found on a variety of different online gambling websites, and is available to play for real money at bitcoin casinos. A browser that supports flash and an Internet connection are required in order to play the game.

Playing Golden Ark

Due to the classic nature of Novomatic games, the symbols are always the most important feature to the player, as these are how all winnings are made in general. All the symbols in Golden Ark include inspiration taken from well-known Egyptian imagery. This includes the Eye of Horus, the Golden Ark, and more, each with its own value and some even have their own special features. Values of the symbols differ, and the combinations landed combined with symbol value determines how much the player is able to earn in terms of winnings. The paytable can be viewed, and here players will be able to see how much every symbol is worth, the rules of the game, as well as the possible combinations that are available.

Golden Ark allows players the choice of a betting amount, which can be found beneath the reels. The range of available bets is quite large, and only a few coins are needed in order to start spinning the reels. Once the bets have been made, players can either use the manual spin button or the autospin to begin the rounds. The autospin allows the player to select a preset amount of spins that will run the game automatically.

Golden Ark Bonus Features

While Golden Ark may be traditional in many ways, there is some bonus content available. The free spins feature is the most prevalent, and is activated whenever the player is able to land the Eye of Horus symbol 3 or more times across the reels. This will instantly award the player with a free spins game, and a special bonus symbol. The bonus symbols are chosen at random, and each one has a different value. This is added to the reels during the free spins rounds, and can allow for special combinations to be landed.

Golden Ark Verdict

Thanks to the classic Novomatic gameplay, and the ever-popular ancient Egyptian themes, Golden Ark will quickly become a favourite for many slot players.