General Details of Punto Banco

Net Entertainment’s Pro Series of casino table games features baccarat, roulette and poker, along with the primary variants such as Oasis Poker, Pontoon, Punto Banco, and Texas Hold ’em. There is also a Three Card Poker variant called Trey Poker.

Simple and exciting, baccarat is a card comparing game. As opposed to poker and online blackjack Canada, baccarat has the noteworthy feature that the most widespread version of the game, called Punto Banco, requires no skill whatsoever to play. The aim of Punto Banco is to compare the face value of their cards to those of the banker. When playing the game, players do not need to make any decisions that make an impact on the value of their hand, simply wagering on who will win, the player or the banker, or if the game would end in a tie. This very simplicity leads to NetEnt’s Punto Banco Professional Series being a thrilling, fast-paced gaming adventure.

The Rules of Punto Banco

Punto Banco has classic rules and six standard decks are used. All cards are shuffled before each deal. The betting range is divided into three options, the Low Roller, Standard and High Roller. In this NetEnt version of the game, winning bets on the player are paid out 1:1, and should a bet on the dealer win, the pay-out is 1:1 as well, but commission of 5% is deducted. Gambling on the tie occurring attracts odds of 8:1. There are rules of Punto Banco gameplay that make any additional cards are dealt to a hand increase the odds of the Player winning. Naturally, the chance of a tie occurring carries the highest odds, and given the pay-out dividend, is clearly the least advisable to play.

Playing the Game

Winning each hand at Punto Banco is based on whose hands adds up to nine points or gets closer to this number. Cards from two to nine are worth their depicted value, and the ace is one point, while tens, jacks, queens and kings are counted as zero, because if the points exceed ten in one hand, ten points are deducted. The game begins with selecting the hand to bet on; either Player, Banker or Tie, then selecting the bet and hitting the deal button. Gameplay happens very quickly and the dealer deals the cards face up. The entire hand is dealt out at once, and the winner is paid out immediately. Punto Banco baccarat really is that simple.

Gameplay Notes

NetEnt’s Punto Banco Professional Series of games are available in full screen mode, and retain their intense detail. Game history is available on these games as well, and players can see what their results have been. Players can also start the game within the very low bet limits, but can then up the ante and play at High Roller level simply by clicking a command at the bottom of the interface.

Punto Banco as presented by NetEnt in their Pro Series is played using Flash technology, via the browser and as instant play. There is no software download required at all, and the game retains the smoothness of downloaded play. Punto Banco can be played in either free mode with casino money or for real money.