Review of Golden Sevens Online Slots Machine

Golden Sevens bears resemblance to many other games within the same genre, and players might have a difficult choice when it comes to choosing the game that suits them most. Golden Sevens comes with a huge progressive jackpot, meaning that this is the slot that will most appeal to fans that enjoy partaking in jackpots. Other than the jackpot, the core gameplay of Golden Sevens is relatively simple and easy to learn, although the only bonus content within the game is the jackpot.

Novomatic is the developer behind Golden Sevens, and like many of their other games, Golden Sevens features classic gameplay, which is usually the focus of Novomatic slot games. There are 20 paylines across 5 reels, and an array of different customisation options. Golden Sevens can be found online for free on a number of casino websites, but the option to play the game for real money is available. Aesthetically, the game will appeal to those fond of the classic slot machine imagery, such as fruits, numbers, and letters, which is all set against a background of different shades of blue.

Playing Golden Sevens

Symbols in Golden Sevens each have different values, with the lowest being the cherries, and the highest being the sevens. The aim of the game is to land symbols in special chains from left to right once the reels have stopped spinning. The amount that is earned as far as winnings are concerned is determined by a few factors. The first is the number of active paylines per round, which is selectable by the player at real money online casino. Secondly, the amount that is bet per line, which has the biggest effect on the amount that can be won from combinations. The values of the symbols play a large role, too, and the higher the symbol values that are chained together, the more that can be earned. Details about the rules of the game, the values of symbols, and the possible combinations available can be found in the paytable screen.

Once the betting and payline settings have been altered to the player’s liking, it is simply a matter of either using the spin button, or the autoplay function. The spin is for the player that likes to keep track of every round, and wishes to make small adjustments as they play. The autospin, on the other hand, allows the player to choose the amount of times the slot runs automatically, allowing the player to sit back and watch without needing to interact too much.

Golden Sevens Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot found within Golden Sevens is definitely the feature that will attract players the most. While many games feature a jackpot, few have the multiplier amount that Golden Sevens offers, with the progressive jackpot having up to 10000x multiplier that can be activated. This means players can bet a small amount and possibly walk away with massive winnings should they manage to hit the jackpot. Due to the progressive nature of the jackpot, players can build it up over time until eventually winning the ultimate 10000x multiplier.

Golden Sevens Verdict

Golden Sevens is a slot game aimed at players who play slots for a jackpot feature. The progressive jackpot is one of the biggest in the industry and should not disappoint players.